Bicon Bulletin - February 2006

New! Bicon Institute Educational Opportunities

The Bicon Institute has updated its course information and has a new 2006 Educational Opportunities brochure. It contains information about existing courses, as well as information about new courses. Highlights include:

  • The Three Day Basic Course and Two Day Advanced Course have been renamed to Surgical and Prosthetic Principles and Advanced Surgical and Prosthetic Techniques.
  • A Clinical Observation Day is now available and will provide you with the opportunity to observe clinical care in our new world-class educational facility located in Boston, MA.
  • The Sinus Lift Techniques course is a new half-day seminar and is a comprehensive, didactic, hands-on practical and clinical observation course covering both the internal and lateral sinus lift techniques.
  • The Ridge Split Techniques course is a new half-day seminar which features lectures and observation of clinical patient care. Participants will gain an understanding of both the mandibular and maxillary ridge splitting procedures.
  • Join us in Rome for our three-day Rome Practical Course and experience a surgical and restorative hands-on course along with a private tour of the city.
  • Bicon Safaris is another special tour course which offers participants the opportunity of placing implants during a four-day course in South Africa. Included in the course is a visit to a game park.
  • Include your staff in marketing dental implants and send them to our one-day Bicon Implants for the Auxiliary Staff course. Participants will gain an understanding of Bicon’s surgical and restorative techniques, as well as practice management techniques

These updates may be found online at or you may call Bicon at 800.882.4266, press 1 for customer service and request a copy of the brochure.


NEW! SynthoGraft™

SynthoGraft’s unique design provides for an optimal environment for bone regeneration. With both micro-porosity and nano-porosity, SynthoGraft has a greater surface area compared to other synthetic bone grafting materials — allowing for ideal bone regeneration. As a pure synthetic material, SynthoGraft does not have the inherent risks associated with biologically-derived bone graft materials.

Basic Procedures

Product Preparation:

1. Remove glass vial of SynthoGraft from sterile package.

2. Dispense desired quantity of SynthoGraft particles into a sterile dish.

3. Wet the particles with patient’s blood. Blood is most easily obtained from the ante-cubital fossa via venipuncture.

Site Preparation:

4. Conventional flap and curettage techniques are used to assure that the site is completely debrided and that the root surfaces are thoroughly planed and decontaminated.

5. SynthoGraft must only be wetted with the patient’s blood. Place the SynthoGraft and blood mixture into the recipient site. Suctioning should be limited to excess fluid from the graft and the periphery of the site.

6. The mucoperiosteal flaps should be sutured to achieve primary closure.



UPDATED! Stealth Shouldered Abutments

Bicon has recently made a moderate change to the 5.0mm Stealth Shouldered Abutments. A radius has been added to the occlusal aspect of the abutment thus eliminating the sharp edges as shown in the graphics to the right. The modification will also be made to the 5.0mm Stealth Shouldered Abutment Transfer Die. The new style abutments will be slowly phased into the inventory over the next several months.

As noted in Bicon’s Restorative Manual, Bicon recommends taking all impressions with the one-piece acrylic impression sleeves. Direct impressions of the stealth abutments are not recommended. If you are unsure which transfer die to use after taking an impression with the acrylic sleeve, you can safely use the original transfer die. Bicon will not be releasing the new transfers for several more months.


Product News

NEW! World Symposium Videos: Bicon is pleased to announce that more world symposium videos have been added to our website. Please be sure to visit to view some highlights of the Bicon World Symposium. More videos will be added to this site in the coming weeks so please be sure to visit frequently.

NEW! Bicon Institute Educational Opportunities 2006 Brochure: The Bicon Institute recently updated its course information with its new Educational Opportunities 2006 brochure. It is a comprehensive brochure containing information about existing courses, as well as new curriculum updates. The brochure is available on the Bicon website and as a printed copy.

NEW! Brevis™ Overdenture System: Designed to work with all Bicon implant lengths and diameters, offering exceptional restorative simplicity and flexibility. The Brevis™ System provides a lower profile overdenture abutment and housing, which achieves 3.0mm of reduced height compared to the o-ring abutment system. The Brevis™ Abutment is packaged with its own pink titanium housing.

UPDATED! 14mm Long Implants: During 2006, Bicon will be phasing out the 14mm long implants from its product line. With the introduction of the 6.0mm short implants, Bicon still offers four lengths of implants ranging from 5.7mm to 11mm.



Featured Publications

Be sure to review the latest issues of The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants for important research regarding the Bicon system: the long-term success of Bicon’s innovative short implants, and the proven bacterial seal of Bicon’s unique locking taper connection. Please forward these publications to your colleagues and referring clinicians.

• Gentile, M., Chuang, S.K., & Dodson, T., Survival Estimates and Risk Factors for Failure with 6 x 5.7 mm Implants,
The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants, November/December 2005.

• Dibart, S., Warbington, M., Su, M.F., Skobe, Z., In Vitro Evaluation of the Implant-Abutment Bacterial Seal: The Locking Taper System,
The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants, Vol. 20, No. 5, p. 732-737, September 2005.


2006 Bicon Educational Opportunities & Events

As always, our calendar is replete with educational opportunities for you, your referring dentists, staff, and laboratory technicians. Courses, lectures, events, and exhibits are frequently added, so please refer to our online calendar for the most up-to-date information.